Kalingalinga on the Ball FC (Zambia)

Kalingalinga on the Ball FC is a club currently competing in Zambia’s fifth tier owned by the community of Kalingalinga, a deprived area of Lusaka. The side is managed by Africa on the Ball, a non-profit organization which uses football and education to empower and support African communities to live full, healthy and sustainable lives.
Football can play a pivotal role in teaching essential life skills such as communication, leadership, motivation, discipline and helps give young people a focus, keeping them from temptation of drugs and alcohol and Kalingalinga on the Ball have developed a Leadership program for its players to learn about being role models which highlights the importance of goal setting and education.

The team acts as a vehicle for engagement with other members of the local area and aims to help and support them through various means, including health, finance and education. Africa on the Ball believes in the impact which community clubs can have in African society and Kalingalinga FC was formed in 2011 on this basis as the club entered the Lusaka league for the first time.

The club is central to Africa on the Ball’s model for Kalingalinga’s development. They have enjoyed back-to-back promotions and are now competing in Zambia’s fifth tier. The plan is to use the club for Kalingalinga’s benefit. For example, transfer fees received for successful players will be ploughed back into Kalingalinga through community initiatives and investments (as voted for by the club’s elected council).

The club’s successes to date include:

  • Giving young people in Kalingalinga a focus and using football to teach life lessons (including hard work, determination, team work and communication)
  • The employment of four staff members
  • Back to back promotions to Zambia’s 5th tier
  • The establishment of a council to vote on community development matters
  • The funding of coaches to develop and grow through Zambian FA coaching courses
  • The sponsorship of team members and their repayment in kind to Kalingalinga

For more information on the club and the work of Africa on the Ball visit their website here.