Kilimani City FC (Zanzibar)

Based: Kilimani; Zanzibar.
Founded: 2011
League: Division 2 (Fourth tier to Premiership)
Home: Kilimani.
Registration number: 5105/2013
Taxpayer Identification Number:


Kilimani City Football Club was established in year 2011 June for the purpose of promoting football and youth development in Zanzibar.

The decision for the establishment cemented after suffering observing youths are notorious in drugs abuse and HIV/AIDS pandemic hence we decided to group youths together to observe their right to play football and shaping them in great personality to be modern and humble citizens. Then we pursue to Zanzibar Football Association Urban District to register the club after long fighting to have a chance for Second Division district level we won. For the 2011/2012 season we emerge among the last four from the district but we were third and we missed the chance for promotion to next stage. Last season we were among the best six again we host third position we missed the chance again. But the club is too competitive especially we are newly club to train young men to proper way to compete against clubs which are in the industry for years is not easy but we are surviving strategically.

On the first year we praised to meet with Mr. Paul Jones while he visited Zanzibar and introduces with Sandlanders network. Fortunately last year he visited us again and shows us how to be in the network. We tried to organize and influence to our people from our community and now has been registered as cooperative society with registration number 5105/2013. We are on the way to establish our website and many things from Kilimani City Cooperative shall be found there. We appreciate and praise Mr. Paul Jones we dream to perform several projects from the cooperative before discussion with him no one accept to run our club in this manner with very bright future, now we have the Tax payer identification number from revenue authority to allow us to engage in the business as a legal entity.

This season

We are in the group of thirteen clubs only four could emerge to the last eight competition and only two shall be promoted to the next stage, things are not easy yet we are seventh played six as the schedule below depict, we are training harder to secure the place and to make sure we are moving to the next stage.

This season we came with sponsorship strategy we are working with all available media from Zanzibar such that about thousands fans like to see Kilimani City while playing and with certain get collection 500/- a person but not all fans netted to pay the collection but we are improving. As we attract sufficient fans and public awareness to follow the results after the match now we invite companies at list to sponsor our matches we distributed several applications and most of them show interest with the idea l shall give you the letter. Only one match got the sponsor and we are struggling to activate commercial football in Zanzibar.

STANDINGS (after 6 games)

Kilimani City

Club Stats

Annual Budget: US$ 50,000
Infrastructure: Rented Training Pitch
Squad Size: 30
Cooperative Members: 38
Associate Cooperative Members: 1
Community Projects
Become an associate member of the Kilimani City
Contact us +255777436977

Football in Zanzibar is still limited in terms of its infrastructure but passion for the game is very much in evidence. When Sandlanders visited to watch the Kilimani Derby between our own Kilimani FC and rival club Kilimani Star who hail from the same street, up to 1,000 supporters were in attendance to observe the 1-1 draw.

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