Mutundwe Lions (Uganda)

mutundwe Based: Kampala, Uganda
Founded: 1984
League: Kampala Regional League
Home: Kaala Training Ground

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In 1984, Mutundwe Lions Football Club was started by the enthusiastic youth of a serene village located 5 miles from the city centre of Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Since then Mutundwe has become part of Kampala’s suburbs and the club is now a central part of this growing community.


Chris Kalibbala (now a life member/Patron of Mutundwe Sandlanders and Vice President of the Ugandan FA) started the club with a group of players who organised “Nsolo Nnene” (big animal) and “Nsolo Ntono” (small animal) competitions. These games were played for 7 years on a clearing which had been ear-marked for an electricity plant and abandoned. Unfortunately, the plans were resurrected and one day the site was reclaimed. The players found themselves homeless until the local Kaala family responded to their call and provided land which the club has now used for training and matches since 1992.

The club began to compete in competitions such as the local Kaggwa Cup and it became an outlet for talented youngsters from Kampala. Sandlanders director and former Mutundwe player Moses Magogo recalls, “I remember the evening I came and sat with my boots in the bag but was so shy to join the boys. I was not so sure of who to talk to and if the boys would receive me well. I retired on the first day without kicking a ball but decided to return the following day, talked to the coach and he introduced me to the players and I was warmly welcomed and I have made life time friends from that day”.

Recent years

Magogo, together with the late Ronny Sekabira and Francis Sekayombya reorganised the club in the late 1990’s to participate in the Ugandan national leagues and the Uganda Cup. Mutundwe also created another club called Super Cubs FC with the intention of providing more youth with access to football and the artificial rivalry created pushed Mutundwe Lions to perform better. The 2007 squad mesmerised everybody including the players themselves as they knocked out two elite league clubs on the road the quarter finals of the Kakungulu Cup (the Ugandan Cup) ultimately losing to Super League side Maroons FC.

In 2010 Mutundwe Lions FC became Mutundwe Sandlanders Co-operative Society which is made up of the following:

Mutundwe Sandlanders Football Club

This is the main football club which is currently participating in the Kampala Regional League from which the top club qualify for the FUFA Big League (the league below Uganda’s Super League).

Mutundwe Diplomats

This is the collection of former players of Mutundwe who gather twice a week for training and friendly matches with equivalent age bracket teams. Mutundwe Diplomats also participate in the Ugandan Cup and provide time and resources to help organise the main club.

Mutundwe Cubs

Mutundwe Cubs train young players from age 6-14. The players are children of Mutundwe Diplomats, Mutundwe Sandlanders fans and other community members.

Mutundwe Lioness

There are many girls and women who are supporters of Mutundwe Sandlanders and to bring them together, a female team was started and the ground was provided once again by the Kaala family. Activities include both netball and girls football.

Mutundwe Sandlanders (a vehicle for the club’s economic activity)

Mutundwe Sandlanders Co-operative Society intends to develop the economy of the local area by generating funds through football activities that can be reinvested into local businesses. It is intended that these investments will in turn generate funds to further develop the club and the local community.

Mutundwe has proved to be one of the best starting points for young Ugandan footballers over the last few years and the following players have all played for the club (including Uganda’s most expensive footballer, the $10,000 Simon Serunkuma):

 PlayerSuper LeagueCountryNational TeamStatusCurrently Playing in
1Jingo SulaimanExpressUgandaU-17 National TeamActiveUganda
2Kabugo JohnsonProline FCUgandaU-17 National TeamActiveUganda
3Kakooza JimmyKCCUganda U-20 National TeamActiveUganda
4Kizito RobertExpressUgandaNational TeamRetiredRetired
5Mawanda RobertExpressUganda RetiredRetired
6Mbaziira SimonProline FCUgandaNational TeamActivePortugal
7Mukasa TomSCOULUganda RetiredRetired
8Mutebi ZamPolice FCUganda ActiveUganda
9Muwanga FredCRO FCUganda RetiredRetired
10Nsubuga ZachariaKCCUganda ActiveUganda
11Ochan BenjaminKCCUgandaU-20 National TeamActiveS. Africa
12Ojok MorganVictorsUganda ActiveUganda
13Sebuguzi EricVictorsUgandaU-17 National TeamActiveUganda
14Sekabira MichaelSimbaUganda ActiveUganda
15Serunkuma SimonSC VillaUgandaNational TeamActiveUganda
16Sevume SirajePolice FCUganda ActiveUganda
17Surunkuma DanVictorsUgandaU-20 National TeamActiveUganda

This season

We hope that members will be impressed by the standard of the game in Uganda as we set about developing a strong local football club. The Kampala Regional League campaign began at the end of 2010 and as at mid-January we lay 6th out of 15 teams just 6 points from the league’s summit. The big news of the season however came via the Bell Uganda Cup (Uganda’s equivalent of the FA Cup) as Mutundwe knocked 8 times Super League winners KCC out in the first round. Read the Ugandan media reaction to the result here. We will keep you updated throughout the season on both our league and cup campaigns.

Club Stats

Annual Budget: $10,000
Infrastructure: Donated training pitch
Squad Size: 23
Co-operative Members: 10
Associate Co-operative Members: 0
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