Shining Stars Sandlanders (Sierra Leone)


Team Name: Shining Stars
Region: Bo
Head Coach: Mohamed Sandi
Assistant Coach: Adama Gbendera

2012 Achievements

U12: Bo Zone B runner up
U14: RegionalFinalist

Established in 2001, Shining Stars have turned a strong history of youth football development into an effective program of community involvement. The club won the ‘Pastoral Life Skills Centre Trophy’ in 2008, and have since used their position in the CBF Youth Development League (part of the Craig Bellamy Foundation program in Sierra Leone) to sustain their commitment to football talent and community development.

Community Work

Last season, Shining Stars undertook a host of community projects across the city of Bo. Their work to educate residents on malaria prevention techniques was hugely appreciated in the Sobawan and Shellmingo markets, as well as Messima. Their regeneration of two local wells, meanwhile, ensured that communities were able to access clean water on a regular basis.

This year, the club have vowed to do even more to develop the communities in which they live, focusing on the areas of hygiene, environment, equality, health, peace building and human rights.

“I am an orphan, the CBF League made me into a student through scholarship last year. Now I can play football and go to school. They call me Ronaldinho because of my play” Salifu Sillah

For more information on the work on the Craig Bellamy Foundation and the Craig Bellamy Youth Development League, visit their website here.