May 2013 Update

Sandlanders clubs have been active across Africa in the early part of 2013.

Keta Sandlanders

Keta Sandlanders in Ghana are taking a year off from Division 2 activity to focus on the development of club infrastructure and a new youth plan. The designs below for a pitch and community facility on a 6 acre site in Keta are at the heart of these plans and the club is seeking a corporate partner to take naming rights for the development.

Mutundwe Lions FC

Congratulations to Kampala’s Mutundwe Lions who were last week promoted to the FUFA Big League (the second tier of Ugandan football). The final table is below and you can also follow Mutundwe’s progress here on their regularly updated Facebook page.

Ligi Ndogo SC

In Nairobi, Ligi Ndogo are this season continuing their quest to qualify for the Kenyan Premier League. They currently sit in mid-table in Kenya’s Division One Zone A Group 1 having picked up 9 points from 6 games so far. Full details are available here.

New Clubs

We are in the process of establishing new partnerships in Zambia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Zanzibar and will update members shortly with details of the new member clubs. In the meantime, please get in touch through our Facebook page or by email to

May 5th, 2013 - Author: admin

Sandlanders in Dar es Salaam

Following the relocation of our Director Paul Jones to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, there will be an increase in Sandlanders posts from East Africa. We will be travelling to Zanzibar, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan amongst other countries looking to broaden our network and introduce members to new stories from the world of African football. We hope you enjoy the updates.

May 3rd, 2012 - Author: admin

Sandlanders at AFCON 2012

Sandlanders represented during the last week of this year’s African Cup of Nations held in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. Without question Africa’s most significant football event, we came across figures including Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini, Danny Jordaan, Pele and superstar Akon (who performed at the closing ceremony) during a busy week. Pictured is our graphic designer Fofo enjoying the final. For those who don’t recall, Zambia recorded a highly emotional penalty shoot-out victory over Ivory Coast in Libreville, the city where a plane crash had killed 18 Zambian players back in 1993. One of the most memorable games we have been to. You can see more pictures from the week here including some extra snaps from visits to Dubai and Tanzania.

May 3rd, 2012 - Author: admin

UN Year of Co-operatives Launches

Today marks the launch of the United Nation’s International Year of Cooperatives.
As a supporter-owned football club, we welcome the opportunity to highlight the crucial role of fan ownership in ensuring the health of the game and sustainable clubs.
We are committed to democratic ownership of clubs on a one member one vote basis, maintaining affordability, use of all possible means to involve and inform fans and putting people before profit. We will strengthen our efforts to make football work for the benefit of our communities, and engage men and women of all ages, creeds and ethnicities.
In this year we will strive to further come together with other co-operatively run clubs around the world to strengthen the voice of supporters and to assist those fans seeking to take ownership of their own clubs. We will highlight how fan-owned clubs can both empower supporters and be used for the benefit of our communities, particularly by engaging young people and using football to assist their development.
We remain full square behind the supporters’ movement aimed at changing football for the better and are resolute in our belief that supporter owned clubs are the only sustainable method by which to achieve such change.
Finally, we send our greetings to those supporters and clubs across the globe that are seeking to effect such change.

January 12th, 2012 - Author: admin

Sandlanders in 2012

Many thanks to all our supporters for your help and encouragement during 2011. The year has seen progress on a number of fronts as we have taken on a new club (Kenya’s Ligi Ndogo), engaged Architecture for Humanity London to work on designs for a unique pitch and community centre development in Ghana and attracted Hong Kong’s Tsunami Sports to design custom made kits for all of our clubs.

Behind these developments, the local clubs have been working hard to engage with the co-operative authorities to ensure that we develp as effective co-operative organisations. This process will take time but in each country we have visited there is genuine excitement about the prospect of developing strong, sustainable and supporter owned sports clubs.

2012 has been appointed as the UN’s International Year of Co-operatives and will consequently be a significant time for the co-operative movement as a whole. We are working hard on a couple of projects in particular to celebrate the occasion and look forward to providing further details in due course.

More information about the International Year of Co-operatives can be found here. The website includes an excellent story on the progress of the Keta Sandlanders Co-operative in Ghana.

With very best wishes for 2012,

Sandlanders Football

December 31st, 2011 - Author: admin

Ligi Ndogo SSC Season Round-up

Ligi Ndogo SSC’s KFF Nationwide League League campaign ended last weekend with two ‘no-shows’ by opponents. The results left them officially second in the table but outstanding appeals for other no-show games mean that they could still end the season as Champions and in doing so gain promotion to the Kenyan Premier League. This level of Kenyan football is sadly still blighted by no-shows, walkovers and appeals which create uncertainty and certainly do not help clubs as they look to plan ahead for coming games and seasons. However, we will endeavour here to explain the state of play. In the long term we hope to see greater levels of transparency and organisation at all levels of the African game.

State of Play
To summarise the current state of play: Champions-elect Muhoroni Youth were deducted points at an initial hearing in relation to the legitimacy of points awards concerning no-show games, this point deduction if upheld will take them below Ligi Ndogo and leave Ligi as Champions. Muhoroni have however appealed the points deductions meaning that the points outcome from 5 of their games still requires clarification. After several delays, the final date for appeals has been set as Monday November 28 with a final decsion expected to be made on Wednesday November 30. If the decision goes against Muhoroni, Ligi will qualify for the Kenyan Premier League as Champions.

Successful Season
Amidst the end of season uncertainty, it should not be forgotten that this has been a stellar season for Ligi. The newest Sandlanders club (we only started working with them when much of the hard work had already been done this season) they are beginning their journey as a co-operative by meeting with the Co-operative Alliance of Kenya and on the pitch they have gone from stregth to strength putting in an unbeaten second half of the season. Nigerian striker Abbey Kunrumni ended the season as top scorer with 11 goals and there were many notable contributions from the whole squad. While the quality in the KFF Nationwide League is not as strong as the FKL Nationwide League in Kenya (the leagues were split as a product of Kenya’s confused football politics) it was eventually decreed that the Champions of each division would gain promotion to the Premier League. The KPL would be a real step up for Ligi, as well as being the first Sandlanders club in an African Premier League, they would be playing week in, week out against the best sides in Kenya.

We wish Ligi well this week, in the meantime below is the table as it stands without taking into account any points deductions:

KFF Nationwide One League 2011

1 Muhoroni Youth 30 23 5 2 51 21 30 74
2 Ligi Ndogo SC 30 22 4 4 59 18 41 70
3 Kariobangi Sharks 28 19 6 3 53 19 34 63
4 KSL Thola Glass 29 18 3 8 56 26 30 57
5 Iron Strikers FC 30 14 8 8 50 29 21 50
6 Milimani FC 27 13 3 11 32 31 1 42
7 KMC FC 28 13 0 15 23 40 -17 39
8 Karungu FC 28 11 5 12 27 29 -2 38
9 Don Bosco FC 28 10 6 12 35 27 8 36
10 Utawala FC 28 11 2 15 36 37 -1 35
11 Yanga FC 29 9 5 15 29 37 -8 32
12 Lugulu Stars FC 29 9 3 17 23 31 -8 30
13 Makarios FC 28 9 2 17 21 45 -24 29
14 Nanyuki FC 29 7 4 18 26 52 -26 25
15 Annex O7 29 7 1 21 20 51 -31 22
16 Kiambaa United 29 4 2 23 13 49 -36 14

November 25th, 2011 - Author: admin

Sandlanders Park – Keta

Over the last few weeks work has been continuing on our proposed pitch and community centre in Keta, Ghana.

Keta Sandlanders Co-operative Society has acquired a 6.5 acre site for the development and have engaged Architecture for Humanity London to prepare designs for the site.

We have completed a community consultation, taken soil surveys and last month Karolina Szarmach from Architecture for Humanity visited the site to complete the official marking and pegging of the boundary. Karolina is pictured here with other members of the Project Team including club Chairman Frank Cole, senior co-op member Kodzo Baba and local masons and planners.

Plenty of data was gathered on the trip which will inform the designs and we will update club members on progress in the coming months. If you have any questions about the development please feel free to email us at

October 8th, 2011 - Author: admin

Ligi Ndogo SSC

We look forward to working with Ligi Ndogo, a Kenyan youth academy system whose first team will become the fourth Sandlanders club.

Ligi Ndogo FC (which will become Ligi Ndogo SSC (Sandlanders Sporting Club)) currently play in the KFF Nationwide League and are eyeing promotion to Kenya’s Premier League in the near future.

The club currently lie second in the KFF Nationwide League but Kenya’s confused football politics means that any promotion may have to wait this season. There are currently two bodies competing for control of Kenyan football (the KFF and FKL) and both have a Nationwide League which purports to feed the Premier League.

An election to determine who governs Kenyan football is due in the near future and until that happens (and even after if the result is challenged) there will be uncertainty surrounding which league feeds the Premier League which is itself an independent body.

We hope that an amicable solution is found in the near future for the beneift of the competing clubs but in the meantime Ligi Ndogo SSC will begin its development as a community owned co-operative Sandlanders club.

September 18th, 2011 - Author: admin

Keta Pitch and Community Centre

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide infrastructure for our clubs, Sandlanders Football has been working with Architecture for Humanity UK on designs for a pitch and community facility to be developed in Keta.

As well as providing a first class facility for the development of footballers in the area, it will also act as a centre for educational and cultural activities for the whole community and will be owned by the Keta Sandlanders FC Co-operative Society.

In the long term we would hope to develop equivalent centres for each Sandlanders club.

Click here to see an early rendering of the site, please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

July 10th, 2011 - Author: admin

Keta miss out on Middle League

A 2-1 defeat for Keta Sandlanders away at Orderily FC today means that we finish second in the group and do not qualify for Middle League in Ghana’s Division 2.

We finished the season with 19 points from 10 games but Orderily’s win sees them qualify with 20 points.

The players are very disappointed but we will be back next year!

May 1st, 2011 - Author: admin