Keta Sandlanders fixtures out

January 15th, 2011 - Author: admin

Our Division 2 campaign starts on Sunday 23 January. We have been drawn in a group of 6 teams together with Orderily FC, Abanata FC, Ketu Stars, Iron Boys FC and Abor Comboni. Only the winner of the group will qualify for Middle League and the chance to qualify for the Division One League and the top 2 teams will qualify for next year’s FA Cup.

The fixtures for the first round matches (second round fixtures will mirror the first round so we play 10 games in total) are as follows:

Week 1 (22/23 January)

Keta Sandlanders v Orderily FC

Abanata FC v Ketu Stars

Iron Boys FC v Abor Comboni

Week 2 (29/30 January)

Ketu Stars v Keta Sandlanders

Abor Comboni v Abanata FC

Orderily FC v Iron Boys FC

Week 3 (5/6 February)

Iron Boys FC v Keta Sandlanders

Ketu Stars v Abor Comboni

Abanata FC v Orderily FC

Week 4 (12/13 February)

Keta Sandlanders v Abor Comboni

Iron Boys FC v Abanata FC

Orderily FC  v Ketu Stars

Week 5 (19/20 February)

Abanata FC v Keta Sandlanders

Abor Comboni v Orderily FC

Ketu Stars v Iron Boys FC

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