Ligi Ndogo SSC

September 18th, 2011 - Author: admin

We look forward to working with Ligi Ndogo, a Kenyan youth academy system whose first team will become the fourth Sandlanders club.

Ligi Ndogo FC (which will become Ligi Ndogo SSC (Sandlanders Sporting Club))¬†currently play in the KFF Nationwide League and are eyeing promotion to Kenya’s Premier League in the near future.

The club currently lie second in the KFF Nationwide League but Kenya’s confused football politics means that any promotion may have to wait this season. There are currently two bodies competing for control of Kenyan football (the KFF and FKL) and both have a Nationwide League which purports to feed the Premier League.

An election to determine who governs Kenyan football is due in the near future and until that happens (and even after if the result is challenged) there will be uncertainty surrounding which league feeds the Premier League which is itself an independent body.

We hope that an amicable solution is found in the near future for the beneift of the competing clubs but in the meantime Ligi Ndogo SSC will begin its development as a community owned co-operative Sandlanders club.

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